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Friday, 31 August 2018 18:31

2018 Post 757 Baseball Fall Golf Outing

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Download 2018 Fall Golf Outing Information Here

Saturday, 27 August 2016 15:14

Ohio Patriot Guard to Escort 1194th Home!

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Barry AllenChillicothe Ohio -- It's your turn. You need to grab your flags, your signs, and your grateful souls and line the streets of Chillicothe between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Saturday, August 27th, North Bridge, Main Street, Western Avenue..... The Ohio Patriot Guard will be escorting the 1194th home through the streets of Chillicothe! These are OUR Heroes! They have served for US! Show them your thanks and let them know we welcome them home!

In particular we want to welcome Barry Allen, former Chillicothe 757 Colt & Zane Trace hardballer, back home!! Get out there and welcome all of these heroes home!






         Barry AllenBarry Allen



Sunday, 22 May 2016 02:41

Wiffleball Outing Postponed

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Due to a delay in the lights installation at Hoffman Field the 2016 Wiffleballmania Event is being postponed to a later date! All teams that had pre-registered have been notified.


Thursday, 11 February 2016 16:53

2016 Wiffle Ball Tournament

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Due to a delay in the lights installation at Hoffman Field the 2016 Wiffleballmania Event is being postponed to a later date! All teams that had pre-registered have been notified.


Download the Tournament Flyer Here


WHEN:             Sunday, May 22, 2016, 2 pm - HOMERUN DERBY REGISTRATION 12:30 pm and starting at 1 pm

WHERE:              JW Hoffman Field at Mary Lou Patton Park

COST:                 $20/player, teams of 3-5 players; please register by May 15th, prizes to winning teams

AGE DIVISIONS:  Kids (9-12) Intermediate (13-15) Adult (16-35) Old (36+)

Divisions may be added or combined depending on numbers.

A minimum of 3 games will be played by all teams. The tournament will be played in any weather conditions so please dress accordingly. All proceeds benefit the Chillicothe 757 Colts Baseball Program. 



Please pre-register for the wiffleball tournament by clicking here or contacting the CoachingStaff



3 inning games—30 minute time limit

Tie games will be determined by a HR hitting contest (5 pitches soft toss to team captain or designee)

No Base Running; Runners advance based on hit WiffleBallField

An out is any fielded ball before it stops

Balls & Strikes—no Hit By Pitch

3 Game minimum; Winner/Loser Bracket;

Prizes for winners!



Bats and balls will be supplied to each team; no other bats or balls will be used.   The field is laid out with foul lines and markers for singles, doubles, triples and home run areas and strike zones,  as shown to the right. A team will have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 players; a 5 player team will consist of a catcher, pitcher, double area fielder, triple area fielder and home run area fielder. Fielders cannot move from one area to another once they have started an inning (with the exception of swapping pitchers) unless there is no other fielder in that area. As in baseball, the game is played with one team at bat and one team in the field. The batting order of the team at bat shall remain the same throughout the game. The rules of play are similar to baseball; however there is no base running. Three outs to retire a side, per inning, three innings per game with games limited to 30 minutes. When game time has reached thirty (30) minutes, only one more full inning will be played (the game will be shortened if necessary). In case of a tie, a homerun contest with each team’s captain or designee to get 5 pitches from a   teammate—the team with the most homeruns is the winner of the game. For a complete inning, both sides must bat. Each field will have a strike zone backstop, if a pitched ball under 10 feet in height hits the target it is a strike, if a foul tip hits the target on the 3rd strike it’s an out.

WiffleBallPitchesIf a batter is walked the pitcher will then move up closer to the batter and  give an underhand lob pitch to the batter.  The pitch must be a strike, the batter must swing at a strike or he’s out. If the pitch is not a strike the pitcher must throw an additional pitch.


An out for the batter can be made in three ways:

1. The batter can strike out only if he/she swings at a pitched ball and does not foul tip the third strike. Foul tips count as a strike for the first two strikes only. A foul tip that hits the strike zone on the 3rd strike is considered an out.

2. Fly balls caught in fair or foul territory

3. Ground balls caught while the ball is in motion, in fair territory. Bunting is not allowed and the batter cannot obtain a base on balls. In all divisions after 4 balls a lob/soft toss pitch must be thrown, in Kids division and below divisions an  official will pitch after 4 balls to a batter.


Single markers are placed approximately 24 feet from home plate on the foul line. A ball hit in the single area (i.e. the area between batters box and single markers and not caught, constitutes a single. Double markers are placed
approximately 20 feet in back of the single markers on the foul line. A ball hit in the double area (between the single marker and the double marker) and not caught constitutes a double. Triple markers are placed on foul lines 20 feet back of the double markers. Balls hit in the triple area (between the double markers and triple markers) and not caught,
constitute a  triple. Balls hit past the triple markers, and not caught, constitute a home run.

The baseball rules of scoring apply:

Example: A player hits a single – his/her team has a man on first base (imaginary runners). The next player hits a single – the team now has a man of first and second. Third batter hits a home run – three runs score! (The imaginary runners on first and second, plus the home run.)

  • A batter earns 1 imaginary base on a single, 2 imaginary bases on a double and 3 imaginary bases on a triple.
  • A runner on 1st advances one base on a single, 2 bases on a double and scores on a triple
  • A runner on 2nd base scores on a single, double, or triple.
  • A runner on 3rd base scores on any hit.


The Homerun Derby registration begins at 12:30 pm and kicks off at 1 pm for anyone wishing to participate! All players participating in the derby will inititally receive 3 rounds of 10 pitches (underhand soft toss) with the top performers (will be based on number of participants) proceeding to the second round (2 rounds of 10 pitches). The top 2 hitters from round 2 will proceed to the 3rd and final round which will consist of 2 rounds of 10 pitches with the top performer being named Homerun Derby Champion! Prizes will be provided to the top 2 performers.

The Homerun Derby is available to all participants at a $5 fee.